Slant Vent Series 30 in. 1000 CFM Under Cabinet or Wall Mount Range Hood with Motion Activation in Onyx Black


FOTILE Slant Vent Series, 30 In. wall mount/under-cabinet ducted range hood not only provides excellent performance but looks great as well. With an automatic opening baffle plate when the unit is powered on, it will open to a 90 degree angle capturing smoke and fumes before they escape. A large 6sf coverage area easily covers all 4 / 5 burners on your cooktop guiding smoke upwards and creating a barrier to prevent you from breathing in harmful smoke and grease. The JQG7505 is capable of normally producing 600 CFMs, but with the WhisPower motor Technology and Capture-Shield extraction, it can achieve a maximum power of 1000 CFM and lowest noise level 38dB. It is closer to the surface than traditional range hoods, maximizing the unit’s speed and efficiency for maximum smoke extraction. An elegant touchscreen control with 4 fan speed settings, it has a screen lock function to ensure your unit will not power on while you clean it with a damp cloth. A delayed shutoff function, keeps the fans on for an additional 2 min. after your done cooking to ensure all the smoke and odor are removed from your kitchen. You can also wave at the hood to turn it ON and OFF for ease of use. Two powerful LED lights with 500 lux power light up your cooktop so you can see your food as you cook. Cleaning is easy with a large removable grease tray and removable baffle filter which are dishwasher safe. The JQG7505 will bring a whole new culinary experience to you and your family.

Using infrared connectivity you can operate this kitchen range hood with a simple wave of your hand. This allows you to turn the unit ON or OFF without touching the unit.

90 degree Automatic Open/Close Fume Baffle Plate prevents the smoke from spreading in your kitchen and protects you against any harm.

30 inches Extra-wide Fume Inlet ensures even suction pressure at every angle easily covering the cooktop.

Due to our WhisPower Technology, FOTILE is able to capture a higher CFM than actually published by excelerating smoke and grease extraction with our CaptureShield Technology. Air speed and power are increased as we capture smoke and grease in the Golden Collection Zone and pass it through our centrifugalWhisPower motors.

6 sq. Ft. Super-large Coverage Area easily covers all the burners on your cooktop.

The industry’s first side-draft range hood with dual DC motors, boasting maximum static pressure at 540Pa, increasing the effective extraction rate by 30% (Compared to traditional range hoods) and providing low noise levels to 38.5dB.

Super Quiet Operation, Lowest speed has 38.5dB noise level; Mid speed has 48dB; High speed has 54dB; Boost speed has 56.5dB

A Delay Function lets the Range Hood work for several minutes after cooking to ensure all the smoke and odors are removed from your kitchen.

Screen Lock Function allows you to clean your Range Hood without accidentally turning it on.

Powerful Lights light up the whole cooking area to help you see the color of your food while you are cooking.

Large Grease Collection Cup with more volume, decreases the frequency of cleaning.

Folding Oil Filter, is dishwasher safe.


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