30 in. 900 CFM Convertible Ductless Insert Range Hood With 4 Speed Gesture Sensing, Charcoal Filter, Stainless Steel


Introducing our 30 in. range hood insert with exceptional performance and convenient features. Experience the power of a 900 CFM motor and a 4-speed fan, effortlessly eliminating heat, oil fumes, and harmful carcinogens from your kitchen. With touch buttons, remote control, and innovative gesture-sensing technology, controlling the switch and adjusting the fan speed is a breeze, even with dirty hands. Enjoy ample illumination with adjustable LED lights, while the low noise level ensures a peaceful cooking zone. With its stylish stainless-steel design and easy-cleaning features, this range hood insert is a perfect addition to any kitchen. Rest easy with our 12-month warranty and friendly customer support. Upgrade your kitchen today and create a healthier cooking environment.

Powerful suction: 900 CFM motor and 4-speed fan eliminate grease, fumes, and heat efficiently

Smart gesture control: wave your hand for seamless switch and fan speed adjustment

Adjustable LED lights: illuminate your cooking with customizable brightness

Quiet operation: enjoy a peaceful cooking experience with low noise levels

Sleek and stylish design: enhance your kitchen’s aesthetics with a modern stainless-steel insert

Easy-cleaning: snap-apart stainless-steel filters and grease tunnel simplify maintenance

Space-saving solution: compact design saves valuable kitchen space

Health and safety: reduce the damage to your skin and overall health caused by residual heat and harmful substances

Versatile venting system: convertible design allows for flexible installation options

Durable construction: built to last with high-quality materials for long-term performance

Hassle-free installation: easy-to-follow instructions and included tools make setup a breeze

Customer satisfaction guarantee: enjoy a 12-month warranty and reliable support for any concerns

Energy-efficient operation: optimize energy consumption while maintaining powerful performance

Precision control: 4-speed options let you tailor the airflow to your cooking needs

Ideal addition to any kitchen: enhance your cooking environment with this feature-packed range hood insert

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