29.3 in. Wall Mount Range Hood Tempered Glass 900 CFM in Stainless Steel with LED Light and Remote Control


This new version of intelligent modern range hood, the mechine is composed of glass panel and 1 mm thick stainless steel panel looks more advanced. The gesture sensing function and remote control are newly added to the original touch switch panel. Even if your hands are stained with oil,don’t worry about dirtying the it. Add a modern look to your kitchen with this slick low profile stainless steel professional range hood while it works efficiently getting rid of greasy smoke and odors. Choose this product and you will get a good helper in the kitchen

900 CFM super suction range hood 30 in. is equipped with 1 motors and balanced fans to instantly absorb fumes and cooking smells in all directions, even if there is an aftertaste, IKTCH custom-made 1-15 minute adjustable timer will automatically clean up for you, keeping the kitchen environment fresh and natural

Equipped with 2 pieces 3-Watt energy-saving LED lights, the brightness can be adjusted with touch to meet your cooking needs

Wall mount range hood 30 in. lights are bright and soft without hurting the eyes,and instantly improves the visibility at night

With a shock-absorbing and stabilizing ring, 4-speed settings customize your kitchen stove vents to adjust suction and noise levels

Noise level of range hood 30 in. wall mount is set at a minimum of 40 dB and a maximum of only 65 dB, allowing you to stay away from the noise and immerse yourself in cooking

Includes 2 matching dishwasher safe and easy removable stainless steel permanent filters to trap cooking grease and oil

Control method touch button, gesture sensor, remote control

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