24 in. W 1.2 cu. ft. Built-In Microwave Drawer with Easy Touch Control in Stainless Steel


Thor Kitchen offers the power and performance of a premium professional appliance at a practical price. Calling all microwave chefs, Kitchen 24 in. Microwave Drawer provides the tools you need to master your next meal. Offering all of the luxury features you’d expect from a premium appliance, the 24 in. Microwave Drawer features 11 power levels for precision heating and 12 unique easy-to-use food prep functions including popcorn, beverage center, melting chocolate and defrost.

Microwave drawer is flexible to your kitchen design and can be placed below an island, peninsula, or standard cabinetry or can also be installed adjacent to your wall oven

12 unique easy-to-use food prep functions include everyday functions like defrost and a beverage center as well as luxury features such as 2-popcorn settings, melting chocolate, and softening ice cream

Offers 10 power modes for precision heating, from a delicate power mode for melting chocolate to cranking up the power and using 950-Watt for cooking and defrosting your favorite foods

Allows you to easily open and close the microwave drawer at the touch of a button

1.2 cu. ft. capacity can accommodate a variety of different container shapes and sizes

Delivers brief pulses of microwave power to keep your cooked foods warm without overcooking until they’re ready to be served

Stainless steel flush to cabinet design features a white touch LCD display that’s easy to operate and easy to clean

Cavity dimensions: 17-5/16 in. W x 7-1/8 in. H x 16-9/16 in. D

Outside dimensions: 23-7/8 in. W x 15-7/8 in. H x 23-1/64 in. D

Warranty: 1 year parts and labor

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