24 in. Undercounter 5.12 cu.ft. Built-in Refrigerator Double Drawer Beverage Fridge w/ 32°F-99°F Range for Home, Silver


The VEVOR undercounter refrigerator is a convenient addition to any commercial or home kitchen, keeping your cold ingredients and drinks close at hand/within an easy-to-reach range. Perfect for quickly and neatly storing essential refrigerated goods. The premium cooling system provides superior energy efficiency and temperature retention. Bring it home now.

Double drawer large space: this 23.4 in. x 21.3 in. x 33.4 in. under counter refrigerator has a capacity of 5.12 cu. ft. /145-liter to keep your favorite fruits, vegetables, or drinks cool; the 2-tier drawer design is more suitable for storing food separately than the traditional side-by-side refrigerator

Efficient refrigerator: this outdoor refrigerator adopts compressor refrigeration technology and a ventilation cooling system for a strong and efficient cooling effect; it can quickly cool your food at the exact temperature you need, ensuring the freshness of food materials and the taste of drinks

Temperature display: you can adjust the temperature through the digital touch LED display on the refrigerator; the range is from 1°/34° to 10°/46° it can ensure uniform temperature, energy-saving, and fresh preservation; the display can also show the actual temperature when the refrigerator is not working

Convenient to use: the handle is ergonomically designed to push and pull better; the internal light will automatically light up when the drawer is opened, which is convenient to operate in the dark; 4 ft. improve the stability of independent placement; stainless steel ensures easy cleaning

Extensive application: you can use this refrigerator to keep meat, vegetables, snacks, and beverages fresh; it is suitable for indoor or outdoor, stand-alone, or embedded under the counter; it is also ideal for commercial and domestic use

Material: stainless steel, color: silver

Number of drawer: 2, technology: compressor

Capacity: 5.12 cu. ft./145 l

Cooling range: 34°- 46°/1°-10°

Power: 100-Watt, item weight: 93 lbs.

Item dimension: 23.4 in. x 21.3 in. x 33.4 in.

Package content: 1x undercounter refrigerator

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