10.7 cu. ft. Bottom Mount Retro Refrigerator in Red


The ConServ Two Door retro 10.7 cu. ft. bottom mount refrigerator is the perfect combination of style and function to keep your food fresh in a compact space. Available in retro red, black, and cream exterior colors, the slimline refrigerator comes with 3 glass shelves in the refrigerator section and 3 freezer bins to keep freezer items organized for easy access. The Conserv retro refrigerator also comes with 4 door racks and electronic temperature controls with Fast Cool and Fast Freeze options to bring temperatures down quickly. The attractive freestanding refrigerator measures 77 x 24 x 28 in. and is equipped with an interior LED light for convenient illumination of stored food items. It uses R600a refrigerant and 110-Volt electricity and is ETL certified and protected by Conserv 1-Year Parts and Labor warranty.

Use this control option to cool contents quickly to 35.6°F

Designed to provide consistent frost-free freezing

Separate rack can be used for cooling wine and other bottled beverages

Simply plug in and use with no need for installation

Use this control option to get the temperature in the freezer to go down quickly to -25.6°F

Attractive stainless steel retro handles complete the overall look and allow for easy opening and closing of the doors

Light comes on automatically when the door is opened in the refrigerator section to illuminate interior contents

Safety feature ensures the unit temporarily shuts off if the compressor is overheating

Uses R600a refrigerant for fast and efficient cooling

Fast cool

1-year labor and parts

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