1.6 cu. ft. 60 Cans Mini Fridge Wine Cooler and Beverage Refrigerator with Glass Reversible Door for Soda Beer or Wine


Wine Cooler and Beverage Refrigerator 1.6 Cubic FeetProvide advanced technology and excellent quality to make your life easier! With this Beverage Cooler, you will get lots of terrific drinks. This model is very simple in operation and easy to get started. It will be a perfect choice for office, cafe, restaurant?and home kitchen. JEREMY CASS also provide extraordinary service, which will be a pleasant shopping experience.

1.6 cu. ft. capacity at 1.6 cu. ft., the watoor beverage refrigerator is compact enough for the modern home however spacious enough to store a sizable amount of drinks, each fridge measures 17.5 in. (L) x 18.5 in. (W) x 19.6 in. (H) and is light and easy to move, it allows you to hold up to 60 12-oz. cans in this beverage cooler or 17 bottles wine

Easy temperature adjustment- easily change the temperature by using the adjustable thermostat, choose a number between 1 (Off) to 7 (Coldest), temperatures range from 39°F to 61°F which allows you to customize freezing for your favorite drinks

Double reversible glass door- double pane glass door can block out harmful UV rays and help to maintain an ideal humidity level, the tight door seal ensures maximum insulation, reversible door hinge allows for complete flexibility in design, with reversible door, you can open the door from right or left

Perfectly quiet – the watoor wine cooler combines a modern design with a whisper quiet compressor which means you can say goodbye to low level hums and enjoy the sound of silence, feel more relaxed in your own home with reduced noise distractions

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